2022 IEEE VIC Summit and Honors Ceremony

San Diego, California

The 2022 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit (IEEE VIC Summit) & Honors Ceremony was held at the San Diego Marriott Marina on Friday, 6 May. IEEE’s premier event showcases the innovation and creativity of engineering, science, and technology with talks in the areas of cloud computing, encryption/security, machine learning, aerospace technology, Metaverse and more. IEEE Young Professionals hosted a Red Carpet Reception before the Honors Ceremony, an evening of celebration of renowned icons whose work has served as a catalyst and propelled the major advances we have today. 

Qualcomm hosted an “Evening of Innovation,” a panel on 5 May 2022 at Qualcomm Headquarters in San Diego, California.

View over 100 years of Honorees at the IEEE History Center.


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VIC Summit Presentations

2022 IEEE VIC SUMMIT: MC - Marguerite Gong Hancock

The 2022 IEEE VICS Master of Ceremonies, Marguerite Gong Hancock, is the Vice President of Innovation & Programming at the Computer History Museum where she leads innovation across programming, education, and diversity and inclusion.

From public education series to thought leadership initiatives, Gong Hancock leads...


2022 IEEE VIC SUMMIT: Aerospace Technologies Panel

Moderated by IEEE’s Glenn Zorpette, this panel entitled, “Space Exploration: The Next 20 Years” with panelists Josh Brost of Relativity Space, Dr Soyeon Yi of NOEL Co. Ltd., and Tim Canham, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, discusses the future of space travel and space exploration at the 2022 IEEE VIC Summit. 

Read more about the event and speakers:



2022 IEEE VIC SUMMIT: Web3 & Decentralization - Siavash Alamouti

Featured speaker Siavash Alamouti presents his talk entitled, ‘Future of the Internet: Web3 & Decentralization’ at the 2022 IEEE VIC Summit. 

Siavash Alamouti is the Executive Chairman of the Board at mimik. He was the EVP of R&D at Wells Fargo from March 2020 until December 2021. Prior to that, he was the President & CEO of mimik from January 2014 until...


2022 IEEE VIC SUMMIT: Creating a Human-Centered Metaverse - Dr. David Krum

Dr. David Krum, CSU, speaks on the topic, ‘Creating a Human-Centered Metaverse’ at the IEEE 2022 VIC Summit & Honors Ceremony Gala.

Dr. David Krum is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the California State University, Los Angeles will address some technologies and motivations for building the Metaverse, potential problems that...