TEC Podcast - The Road Ahead for E-mobility Startups

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Our guest for this episode is Ravikiran Annaswamy, CEO and Co-Founder at Numocity Technologies as well as the President IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS). In this podcast, Ravi highlights several burning issues related to e-mobility 2.0 and the opportunity it presents as a mecca for new startups in this domain. Ravi talks to our host, Dr. Sheldon Williamson about how his own startup, Numocity, is working with various OEMs and raising funds to solve burning issues related to transportation electrification. The podcast covers several milestones achieved by Numocity as well as some of the surprises that came up during this journey. Sheldon and Ravi also discussed how the penetration of EVs will impact the grid and what mitigatory solutions exist or are being looked at. Finally, Ravi emphasizes how his role and continued involvement with the IEEE has benefitted his professional career and encourages young entrepreneurs to follow the same path.