Presently I am working as a Research Scholar at the Communication Networks Lab in the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering-IIT Kgp with the Joint collaboration of G.S Sanyal School of Telecommunication, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur & Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The broad area of my research includes Next Generation Wireless Communication and Network performance Optimization. My areas of interest are Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenFlow Protocol Architecture Design, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) of 5G communication, and beyond.

I have completed my masters from Kalyani Govt. Engineering College, Kalyani, West Bengal, India in 2018. My master's thesis is based on Microwave Communication, EM wave propagation, Biomedical Image processing using the Microwave Tomography Technique (MTT), Radiation pattern analysis of Dipole Array Antenna, and Theoretical Analysis of Cancerous tumor detection using MTT inside the human body. I have multiple National and International Level Journals, Conferences, and Book Chapter where my works have been published.

I have Graduated from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, India in 2016. My B.Tech project was based on the Design and Implementation of a portable Wireless FM Transmitter module with noise cancellation and boosted audio broadcasting ability. This work has been published in an International Journal (Science Domain International - UGC Approved, CrossRef, ISI Thomson Reuters).

I am a versatile learner and love to explore new things with some real-life application-oriented activity. I love experiencing new people with new ideas. I like to collaborate with people and explain them my idea where it is required and try to learn from them as well.


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