Dejan Milojicic


I am a catalyst of change and a technical leader in systems software. I am currently a distinguished technologist at Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA (1998-). I worked at the OSF Research Institute in Cambridge, MA (1994-1998) and at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute in Belgrade, Serbia (1983-1991). I received my PhD from University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (1993); and my MSc/BSc from Belgrade University, Serbia (1986/1983). I was a technical director of the Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed (2007-2011), which had academic and industrial sites in the US, Europe, and Asia. I have published over 180 papers and 2 books; I have 41 granted patents and over 120 patent applications. I am an IEEE Fellow (2010), ACM Distinguished Engineer (2008), and USENIX member.

I was president of the IEEE Computer Society (2014) and I served on the IEEE Board in 2017-2018. I started IEEE Computing Now and became its inaugural Editor-in-Chief, innovating content delivery through mashups. I started three conferences (IEEE ASAP; ACM/USENIX WIESS; IEEE Infrastructure). I have been on many conference program committees and journal editorial boards. I spearheaded the Computer Society Report 2022, which was a technical underpinning for 2 Computer Society strategic plans. I co-invented Special Technical Communities, innovating organization of IEEE-CS members and contributors. I co-chaired the IEEE Confluence report (2017), an industry trend paper on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. I was Chair of the IEEE Industry Engagement Ad Hoc Committee (2015-2017), which culminated in a Committee of IEEE, of which I am now the Past Chair and serving a 2-year term (2019-2020). 

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