Eddie Custovic


Eddie Custovic is an engineer and a problem solver. Furthermore, he is a business owner, entrepreneur, thought leader, mentor, philanthropist and global citizen. A highly driven individual with standout leadership capabilities and a passion for social entrepreneurship and a deep commitment to making positive change for the world. Eddie's multicultural background, multilingualism and 'borderless' approach to work have enabled him to take a politically and culturally sensitive perspective on life, volunteer roles, and professional career.

Eddie is an academic and industry project manager in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, La Trobe University, Australia and the founder/director of the La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundry (LIEF). LIEF is an inter-disciplinary innovation think tank and R & D lab that has worked with industry, government and local communities to provide sustainable and effective solutions. Eddie is a long time IEEE volunteer and currently serves on numerous IEEE boards; inc. Publication Services & Products, Industry Engagement, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Young Professionals. Outside of his day to day roles, Eddie founded the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation that empowers youth through education & technology access as well as leadership development. He is extremely passionate about STEM education and has led several federal government initiatives to help youth from low socio economic backgrounds overcome challenges undertaking higher education.