Harish Srinivasan


I'm a Learner more than anything else. That helped me to Design Learning Experience, Teach, Mentor Children over the past 7 Years. Co-Founder of an Education Startup called Infinite Engineers right from college final year. We had worked with around 500 schools and I have personally interacted with over 15000 children.

Transforming education had always been my core motivating element as I came from factory model of education system which was designed for Industrial Age. But in information age many of the existing practice is not even relevant. Children are now smart enough to ask Why should I learn this ?

I'm a passionate facilitator of learning who love to research, study curriculum frameworks and keep myself updated about latest trends in education. This happens through interactions with stakeholders of education system at various levels.

To make learning awesome, I design learning experience that had impacted over 10000 children. I strongly believe experience is the best teacher.

If you would like to have a conversation on education, then you had landed at the right place. Reach out to me

E-Mail: harish@infiniteengineers.in
Mobile No: 9884190950