Jason Augustyn


Dr. Jason Augustyn is Chief Technology Officer of BluePath Labs, a research, analysis, and strategy company that combines mission and business insights with advanced technologies to deliver measurable performance improvements for federal, state, and local government agencies. As CTO, Dr. Augustyn leads BluePath’s data science and analytics strategy, which uses both traditional statistical modeling and cutting-edge machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques to discover critical insights from structured and unstructured data. Prior to joining BluePath, Dr. Augustyn was the founder of FutureScout, LLC, a data science and analytics company focused on providing technology reconnaissance, horizon scanning, and wargaming capabilities to the U.S. Department of Defense science and technology enterprise.  


Earlier in his career, Dr. Augustyn served as a senior researcher at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center (NSRDEC). While at NSRDEC, Dr. Augustyn built a multi-million-dollar research and development program focused on enhancing Soldier and squad effectiveness through real-time psychological and physiological status monitoring, training, and performance modeling.  


Dr. Augustyn holds a Ph.D. in cognitive science from the Pennsylvania State University, where he developed novel techniques for modeling human decision-making and action planning. 


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