Kurt Kufeld


Kurt Kufeld is the VP of AWS Platform. In his current role, Kurt owns ARG (Automated Reasoning), CP (Commerce Platform), Cloud Management, Cryptography, CX Console, ESS (Enterprise Security Services) Identity (Identity & Access Management, Directory Services), Control Services, and Technical Operations teams. As Kurt puts it: “These teams form the glue that make AWS possible.” Kurt has a degree in Computer Engineering and joined Amazon in 2000, after spending 13 years building large, distributed control systems for the oil industry. Kurt has held a number of positions throughout Amazon with a heavy focus on difficult-to-deliver, large, cross-company initiatives. Among his prior positions at Amazon, he led the migration from a monolithic website page generation architecture to SOA; he owned the Amazon Retail consumer ordering systems while they were undergoing a major rearchitecture to help it scale with the business; and then moved to AWS to lead the Silk Browser initiative (the browser on the Kindle Fire tablets) just prior to his current role.