Marc Geese



  • Diploma in Applied Physics from Frankfurt University (Topics: Complex Systems and Neural Networks applied to Image Processing tasks)
  • MPhil in Electrical Engineering from University of Manchester (Topics: Vision Chips and Computer Vision Algorithms)
  • PhD in Physics from Heidelberg University (Topics: Computer Vision Algorithms for video based ADAS Systems)
    • In Cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH

Professional Life:

  • Software engineer for video based ADAS Systems
    • Focus towards the hardware-software interface and the control software for Imagers, ISPs and Safety (ISO26262, Automotive Spice)
  • Since 2014:
    • Software architect for optical systems in the predevelopment for Bosch’s next generation video systems

Current Work:

    • System Design with focus on Optics, Imager and ISP for next generation video based ADAS Systems.
    • KPI development (also in the public with Bosch’s engagement in the IEEE P2020 Working group)