Mitra Safavi-Naeini


Dr Mitra Safavi-Naeini is a Senior Physicist and Research Lead in Human Health at ANSTO. Mitra is a prolific researcher in the field of particle physics and medical radiation physics. Her two main research areas are: radiotherapy (proton and heavy ion therapy, brachytherapy, photon therapy) - particularly in relation to treatment methods for cancers with poor prognoses - and medical imaging quantification (with a specific focus on PET).

Mitra has a strong track record in R&D in medical radiation physics/engineering and is an expert in using analytical and Monte Carlo simulation techniques to solve medical physics problems.

Mitra is one of the co-inventors of neutron capture enhanced particle therapy (NCEPT). She has brought together a multi-disciplinary team of expert scientists with the best skills and expertise to confirm the simulation results via preclinical studies, with the ultimate goal of clinical translation. She has led and participated in all proof-of-concept experiments in Australia and Japan. Mitra has presented NCEPT to several clinical and industry stakeholders and has successfully brought together a large group of international industry and academic partners to form a consortium around the NCEPT project and its translation.


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