Shun'ichi Amari


From Wikipedia:

Shun'ichi Amari, is a Japanese scholar born in 1936 in Tokyo, Japan. 

He majored in Mathematical Engineering in 1958 from the University of Tokyo then graduated in 1963 from the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo.

His M. Eng. in 1960 was entitled Topological and Information-Theoretical Foundation of Diakoptics and Codiakoptics. His Dr. Eng. in 1963 was entitled Diakoptics of Information Spaces.

Professor Amari Shun'ichi received several awards and is a visiting professor of prestigious universities.

He is the author of more than 200 peer-reviewed articles.

He is currently holding a position of the prestigious RIKEN lab and is vice-president of Brain Science Institute, director of Brain Style Information Systems Group and team leader of Mathematical Neuroscience Laboratory.

He was a winner of the IEEE Emanuel R. Piore Award (1997).


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