Susan Wijffels


Research Statement

Susan aims to quantify and understand the role of the ocean in climate, key aspects of the large-scale ocean circulation and global ocean change. She also is recognised for her contributions to the design, implementation and exploitation of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS).  Her  work at WHOI will focus on her long term interests in the variability of the Indonesian Throughflow and its role in climate, the global Argo project and the evolution of its design (she is co-chair of the International Argo Steering Team), decadal ocean variability, quantifying global ocean change and its drivers.

Service Activities:

  • Co-chairs the International Argo Steering Team, helping guide and coordinate this crucial global ocean observing network, and its future evolution, 2010-present
  • Co-chairs the TPOS2020 BackBone Task Team, and is a member of the TPOS2020 Steering Committee.
  • MPOWR mentor, 2020 – present.
  • NOAA Climate Working Group, providing advice to the NOAA Science Advisory Board, 2019-present
  • Euro-Argo Science and Technical Advisory Group, 2014-present
  • Euro-Sea Science and Technical Board, 2020-present


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