Thomas M. Willis III [SM] ( is an electromagnetic compatibility
medical devices and communications engineer. He works in the area of microwave
wireless communications at AT&T Laboratories in Middletown, New Jersey.
He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering specializing in electromagnetics from
the University of Michigan. His areas of interest include propagation modeling and
measurements, wireless communications reliability, interference, electromagnetic
compatibility, and RF exposure and safety. He holds more than 500 U.S. patents.
He is on the Board of the National Spectrum Management Association (NSMA),
currently vice president of the Fixed Wireless Communications Coalition (FWCC),
chairs the 6 GHz Interference Task Group at WinnForum and participates in the
TIA TR-45 Working Group on Microwave Systems. He is Vice Chair of the IEEE NJ
Coast PACE SIGHT Group focusing on humanitarian activities, STEM programs,
and related innovations. He is also a volunteer on the IEEE SA DIITA Transparent
Design for Wellbeing Workflow, IEEE New Jersey Coast History Committee, and at
the AT&T Science & Technology Innovation Center at AT&T Labs in Middletown,                                                                                             New Jersey, a museum of the 150 years of inventions pioneered by the Labs.